How to Treat a Nose Injury

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A nose injury can be difficult to deal with if it is not seen to immediately. Such injuries are a common occurrence in sporting events especially boxing matches. However school playgrounds or park equipment can be just as dangerous for rowdy children. If you or someone you know does happen to sustain a nose injury following this simple procedure can help alleviate it –

Apply Pressure Immediately

A nose injury bleeds profusely so the first thing you need to do is stop it in its tracks by applying steady pressure on it. This can be achieved by pinching the nostrils and asking the injured person to breathe through the mouth. Make sure that you do not touch the nasal bones. Hold the nose like so for ten to twelve minutes until the bleeding has subsided. Also apply some ice to the afflicted area to quell the bleeding and swelling.

Advise the victim to avoid rubbing or blowing his/her nose after you have staunched the bleeding since it might cause the bleeding to start up again. Asking the victim to accomplish such feat can become tricky if the said victim happens to be a child. If the injury is severe enough the injured nose will have to be packed with gauze.

A nose injury makes the nasal passage and membrane very sensitive. Alcoholic drinks and smoking may cause the injury to bleed again since they irritate the nasal cavity. In fact smoking can actually be a detriment to the whole healing process since it restricts blood supply. Remember, proper tissue regeneration is important for healing any injury. Interrupting this natural process will prove to be anything but good.

It is best that the victim not take any anti-inflammatory medication for at least two days of sustaining the injury. Such medication can irritate the nasal walls and cause the bleeding to start up anew. A warm heating pad should also be applied to quell the swelling. This will also decrease the pain. However make sure that the heating apparatus isn’t too warm. Being too warm will thin out the blood and make it difficult to staunch if the victim starts bleeding again.

It is also advisable to drink plenty of fluids in case of such an injury. This will cause the mucus to thin out and relieve a stuffy nose. Dry air can also irritate the nasal cavity so keep a humidifier near the victim.

Of course, nothing can compare to professional medical help. If the victim’s injury does not show signs of healing or the nose seems crooked it is best that you have a doctor look at it. The medical expert may have to set the nose properly or treat a deviated septum. The victim can be left with respiratory problems or a permanently crooked nose if the injury is severe enough and not treated immediately.